Investment in Private Equity:

Investment in Private Equity/Venture Capital Firms:

Enertech aims to deliver significant capital growth to its investors, and stakeholders on perpetual basis through active investment in a diverse portfolio of holdings in cleantech companies and opportunities. Through private equity and venture capital vehicles, Enertech invests in sectors like energy, clean tech, waste and recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency and water resources.


The P21 develops, produces and markets high quality fuel cell systems and related components for applications in the 2 to 20 kW power range. With its patented, hydrogen-powered PEM fuel cells, P21 is the leading supplier of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) – especially for use in the telecommunications industry.

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Petra Solar

Petra Solar's core technology is the SunWave™ UP Series, an integrated utility grade solar, smart grid, and power management solution primarily designed for deployment on utility distribution and streetlight poles. Petra Solar's SunWave™ UP Series systems mount quickly and safely to utility distribution and streetlight poles and deliver power directly to the grid.

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PControlled Power Technologies Limited

Controlled Power Technologies Limited was founded in early 2007 by senior automotive executives to focus on carbon reduction issues. Asset and technology acquisitions from Visteon Corporation, together with the signing of associated licensing and collaboration agreements with Switched Reluctance Drives Limited, give the new company immediate access to a portfolio of production-ready and near-term solutions to the problem of automotive CO2 reduction.

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PEMEASPEMEAS is a leading supplier of key components and subsystems to the emerging fuel cell industry. PEMEAS has been incorporated during April 2004 through a Venture Capital backed spin-off and continues the fuel cell business of Hoechst Chemical Group initiated in 1994. For serving its global customer base PEMEAS is operating two divisions. The Celtec division of PEMEAS is focusing on the development and commercialization of high temperature membranes and MEAs enabling PEM fuel cells to be operated at an elevated temperature of approximately 180 C.

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Cellex Power Products, Inc.

Cellex Power Products, Inc.Cellex Power Products, Inc. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. focused on the development and commercialisation of fuel cell power product solutions for Industrial Vehicles. Cellex's strategy is to develop proprietary system and component technology required to integrate fuel cell stacks, fuel processors, hydrogen systems and other components into commercial products.

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Heliocentris is a specialist in energy management and innovative hybrid energy storage solutions consisting of fuel cells and batteries. They offer Fuel Cell Systems and Integration Components, Energy Storage Solutions for Commercial & Institutional Users and Training Systems and Research Solutions.

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